There’s no need to get salty over this – our Caramel By The Sea has just the right balance of sweet and saltiness. Just really creamy caramel with a sprinkle of fine sea salt! Of that we’re sure, because we actually prepared the caramel by ourselves and seasoned it with just enough sea salt!
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Caramel By The Sea

Caramel By The Sea


Caramel By The Sea


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Best Ice Cream - Rich in Flavour!! 😍

Sorry for the late review! - I bought the Cocoachella & Caramel By The Sea ice cream and I love them both.

Cocoachella is rich in chocolate taste & the hazelnut reminds me of Ferrero Rocher. But this is the healthy version without compromising on the taste.

Caramel by the sea tastes amazing, the saltiness and caramel combo go very well together. It tastes very sweet, but the sugar content is appropriate.

Both ice cream texture are creamy~

My go to ice cream now 😍☺️ whenever I crave choc & caramel I eat these. Thankful to find healthy ice cream as someone who loves sweets & snacking.

10/10 would recommend !

It’s different

It’s not quite same as normal ice cream, at first it felt like something is missing, not so creamy. Then after a few spoons you get used to it and it’s kinda tasty in it’s own style. It’s good enough for guilt-free comfort snack, will order again.

The taste is so delicious

Not too sweet and suitable for people with diabetes.

Hiiiiii , thank you for writing in we're so happy to know that we're on track. stay tuned!

Ee Chin Law
Not so sweet

Sweet caramel with a hint of salt makes the overall experience great. :)

Creamy caramel for those who like sweet taste

I think its too sweet for me. But overall is super nice!

Hi Diyana! thank you so much for your feedback.

We do hope you enjoy our ice cream as much we do!

Stay safe & Calli on!

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